PQ (Passion Quotient) is the Next Q!

Everyone is familiar with IQ and EQ.

The former measure your intellectual intelligence, while the latter measures your emotional intelligence.

PQ measures the degree of motivation, or passion, you have for different areas in life.

Who Is PQaire?

Driven By Passion!




We believe everyone has unique Gifts, Passions, and a Story (GPS) unlike any other. 


Provide Teams & Individuals the answer to the BIG question, "What is My Passion & How Do I Activate It?"


To effectively unlock and unleash the potential of more than 1M Members by 2030.

Who We Serve





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Typical Customer Journey

Step 1
Leader Identity


Step 2
Leadership Workshop


Step 3
Team Rollout


Step 1 - PQ Identity

This is the best possible way to walk into your unlocked potential! Value-based happiness is a sense that our lives have meaning and fulfill some larger purpose.
It represents a spiritual source of satisfaction, stemming from our unique set of passions. Passion Quotient (PQ), backed by 15 years of research in human motivation and passion, is based on robust science.
Let passion guide you in your decision-making process. It can habitually produce positive results.

Step 2 - Team PQ Workshops

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Our TEAM PQ Workshop will empower your team to find their individual passions and identify their collective team passions.

This will change the way they look at their teammates, and they will interact with each other on a more profound level.

TEAM PQ's Workshop and creates an environment that reminds us that we are not human doings, we are human beings.

We incorporate the diversity of skills and backgrounds present in a team and direct them towards a common set of goals.

Begin Your Journey!

Certified Advisor Debrief

Personal Passions Introduction

  • 45 Min w/ PQ Advisor
  • 16 Passion Debrief
  • 3-5 Passions Action Plan
  • Review Additional Solutions


Master Coaching Session

Your Personal Uniqueness

  • 60 Min w/ Master Coach
  • 16 Passions + PQ Dynamics
  • Individual Uniqueness
  • PQ Dynamics Action Plan
  • Leading & Assisting Passions
  • 6 Month Personal Strategy


CPO Coaching Session

Personal & Professional Plans

  • 90 Mins w/ Chief Passion Officer
  • 16 Passions + PQ Dynamics
  • Leader Uniqueness
  • PQ Dynamics Action Plan
  • Leading & Assisting Passions
  • 6 Month Personal Strategy
  • 6 Month Professional Strategy
  • Prep for Team PQ Workshop


Lead Your Team!

PQ Family

Purchase 4+ PQ Identities

  • PQ Identity Debrief for Four
  • 45 Min w/PQ Master Coach
  • 3-5 Passions Action Plan

$80/Family Member

PQ Team Workshop

16 Passions & PQ Dynamics

  • PQ Identity for each Member
  • 2-Hr Virtual Team Workshop
  • Team Passion Statement

$200/Team Member

PQ Certification

Become the Coach

  • Certified PQ Advisor
  • Certified Master Coach
  • Certified Chief Passion Officer

Starting at $2000